Top picks for surviving cold season with kids

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Cold season survival guide

Should we talk about cold season for a second? UGH. How is everyone faring this year? Some years we seem to breeze through and others feel like we’re constantly being attacked from all directions. Anyone had a child with a perpetually snotty nose for like 3 months? It’s so rough!

We’ve rounded up some of our essential products to get through this time of year, along with some tips we’ve learned along the way.

1. FridaBaby’s newest product in their line is this awesome wireless temperature monitor. Pretty handy, especially if you have a child who *hates* having their temperature taken.

2. Love DoTerra’s On Guard essential oil blend for a cozy aromatherapy during bath or bedtime. Add a few drops to a steamy bath or rub on your child’s feet (in a carrier oil) at bedtime. And if they *happen* to fall sick, we love their Breathe for a chest rub before bedtime.

3. Gotta keep a few easy to use packs of hand sanitizing wipes in your purse and car to give those mitts a good wipe down after school or the park or the grocery store. Love that these from Babyganics come in individual packs so they don’t dry out, even if you leave them in your car for 3 months.

4. A huge part of immunity boosting is making sure that kiddos are eating a healthy variety of foods, including lots of colors (especially green). Blending kale into a fruit smoothie is a pretty sure fire way to get some raw, green veggies into those little bodies.

5. The Honest Co. chest rub is a staple in our cold-fighting arsenal.

6. This is going to sound crazy, but someone once told us that their children haven’t been sick in 5 years because… wait for it. They wear socks to bed. Even in the summer. Can’t say it works, but winter is a great time to up your sock game, especially for California kids who go sockless for most of the year. Love these bundles from Stance!

7. We can’t recommend adding a high quality probiotic to your child’s daily intake enough. Aside from immunity boosting benefits, it really helps their little tummies and overall health too. We’re a little biased, but we loooooove Moon Juice for both their amazing juices and their awesome pantry of nutrition and wellness products.

8. SLEEP! It’s soooo important. And it always seems to us like the time when your body works it’s hardest to fight off an impending virus. Which means getting plenty of it, and going to bed early during these months when we’re short on daylight anyway, is so super helpful when recovering from a cold or trying not to get one. (Can’t hurt to get some new jammies too.)

9. Do your kids take a multivitamin? It’s actually pretty helpful in fighting off the onslaught of colds during this time of year. Most children, especially those who don’t eat meat, are deficient in zinc, which turns out to have a big impact on your immune system. Both the multivitamin & mineral blend from Child Life and their First Defense formula are staples for us. (We mix a few teaspoons of First Defense into smoothies or juice.)

10. And of course, a humidifier. Gotta have it when they’re stuffed up and the heat is on and all of that. But make sure you clean it regularly! We put a drop of tea tree oil in there too, though not sure that’s exactly kosher.

Good luck to all of you and your families!

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Social Love

Nikki on Jan 14, 2016

Ha! Great timing. We've been sick since thanksgiving!! The worst.

Katy on Jan 15, 2016

I'm bookmarking this! Whenever my daughter gets a cold, the entire home is miserable. I'm convinced that I need the FeverFrida. Thanks for the list! -Katy

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