DIY felt stocking tutorial No. 2 from Walnut Animal Society

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Our second stocking tutorial from Lauren of Walnut Animal Society is this cutie she made for her younger son Arlo. This one is a little more manageable for those who aren’t as accomplished with a sewing machine but so super adorable too. If you missed the first tutorial you can find it here.

DIY felt stocking tutorial with Walnut Animal Society

For this stocking, you’ll need the same supplies, but less felt.

A Child’s Dream Come True 12×8″ 1mm Holland Wool Felt:
One sheet of Soft White 18×18″
One sheet of Red 12×8″
One sheet of Green 12×8″

Templates (print on card stock if you have it, which is easier to trace around)
Small scissors with sharp tip
Ruler, rotary cutter, mat (helpful but not required)
Fine point Sharpie or ballpoint pen
Fabri-tac Glue
Coordinating thread to match your felt colors
Needle with large eye (helpful but not required)
Pinking Shears
Optional: yarn and pom-pom maker, ric-rac for stocking loop

Cut List:
Soft White – 2 Stocking Back (Two will fit on one 18×18 sheet as long as you put the template as far to the bottom left, and top right, as possible. See photo under Step 4 of Snowy Hills.)
Red – 2 Stocking Cuff (And, if you don’t plan to make pom-poms, trace a quarter and make 3 holly berries)
Green felt – Letters, plus 4 Holly leaves (only 2 if not using pom-poms)

Follow steps 1-5 for the Snowy Hills tutorial.

DIY felt stocking tutorial with Walnut Animal Society

6. Make four red pom-poms on 45mm pom-pom maker. Tie off pom-pom and leave ends long. Trim pom-pom neatly.

DIY felt stocking tutorial with Walnut Animal Society

7. Lay out Holly leaves and berries on Stocking Front. Once you have a spot you’re happy with, pick up one leaf slightly and make a thin line of glue down center and put back in place. Repeat with second leaf. (If you are not using pom-poms, glue red berries into place.) Do NOT glue pom-poms yet.

8. Top stitch leaf veins as shown in photo, sewing through leaf and Stocking Front.

9. Take your other two leaves, and stitch veins in those as well. Trim threads. (Skip this step if not using pom-poms.)

DIY felt stocking tutorial with Walnut Animal Society

10. Attach pompoms. The final step is attaching pom-poms to the front. You can simply glue them in place if you’d like, and use a good amount of glue (being careful not to get it on the rest of the stocking). I chose to also stitch mine in place using the long ends of yarn.

To do this:
Thread your needle, and bring one yarn end through the Stocking Front at center of leaves. Thread the other yarn end of pom-pom, and bring it through the Stocking Front. Pull your berries out a little, being sure not to pull the yarn stitches out. Add a good amount of glue to the holly berries, and glue in place. Hold in place about 30 seconds until they’re set. From inside the stocking, pull the yarn tight (but not too tight) and knot in place. This will ensure the holly berries stay in place over time!

DIY felt stocking tutorial with Walnut Animal Society

DIY felt stocking tutorial with Walnut Animal Society

Fold down cuff and you’re done! I added ric-rac to the edge of the cuff, and stitched it in place.

DIY felt stocking tutorial with Walnut Animal Society

DIY felt stocking tutorial with Walnut Animal Society

DIY felt stocking tutorial with Walnut Animal Society

Taking a cue fromĀ vintage Christmas stocking sewing patterns, you could also cut any shape you like for the front of the stocking. Using this tutorial, just cut two stocking cuffs, two stocking backs, and add whatever you’d like to the front.

Thank you so much for sharing these tutorials with us, Lauren. Love them so much.

When you’re ready to get started, Download the templates here!

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