Cakelet Costumes 2015

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As promised, some of our favorite kids costumes from our #cakeletcostumes tag on Instagram!

Best halloween costumes of 2015

@sarahshermansamuel as The Little Mermaid, et al.
@j0rdanr0ck as Mary and her little lamb
@marcellebenedict with Nurse Jenny from Call the Midwife
@paigeappel sharing her little Old Man
@urbanhousewife with a mad scientist
@audrey.woollen with her pair of gangsters
@eviemgal as the Wizard of Oz
@laurenpeelman with a teeny raccoon
@kristina100lc’s black widow
@ohlovelyday with an amazing interpretation of Labyrinth
@bellatinadesigns with a whole Star Wars crew
@restlessoasis with Madeline and Ms. Clevel
@vanendamata with Little Red
@crewandpark with a sweet mermaid of her own
@jilly100lc with Medusa
@marcellebenedict (again) with Wonder Woman

And there were so many more! Time to start planning for next year, right?

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