DIY painted pastel foliage by Lenzo

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DIY painted tropical foliage

Can we talk about how amazing this pastel tropical baby shower by Lenzo is??! Obsessed with the painted foliage they created. And lucky for all of us, they sent over process shots and a tutorial too. Tuck this one away in your party inspiration, mamas. You’re going to want to use it for an upcoming event!

DIY painted foliage

Supply list:

1. Leaves/Foliage
2. Paint (in a pleasing palette)
3. Small rollers and tray (easiest to have one roller and tray for each color)
4. Plastic drop cloth

DIY painted foliage

DIY painted foliage


1. Mix and pour paint.

DIY painted foliage


2. Using the roller, gently roll the leaves until they are completely covered.

DIY painted foliage


After the first coat is dry, roll a second coat for a nice even, opaque color.

DIY painted foliage

DIY painted foliage

DIY painted tropical foliage

Voila! Thanks for sharing this cute tutorial with us, Lenzo!

Styling and project by Lenzo.

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Social Love

Samantha on Aug 19, 2015

Just a little over-all thought here, I'm not liking the Read More buttons I now have to navigate. I don't get out here every day to read, which means that I usually read whole pages at a time, and having to click and load a new page every time I want to read a post is kind of a pain. Anyway, just some feedback on site design, I love your posts and I enjoy coming out here to read through them when I can. :)

100layercake on Aug 23, 2015

@Samantha - thanks for the feedback! We'll definitely take this into consideration.

Candace Fowler on Feb 15, 2016

Could you please tell me where you got your foliage? I am hosting a party and need this kind of foliage but I am having trouble finding large pieces or realistic looking kinds. Thank you!

Christie on Apr 11, 2016

Are you able to share the colors you used?

Robin Schrieber on Apr 25, 2016

Lovely! I am wondering where the foliage came from as well. Is there a website you can share? Thanks!

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