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One of our big complaints about Instagram is that it’s really hard to find the right people to follow. You know? You can search users, but unless you know their exact username (which obviously you rarely do) you can’t find anyone. And searching by hashtags is such a nightmare.

The best way to find people is through other people of course, so we thought we’d share some of our favorite moms on Instagram at the moment. We love what an amazing tool it can be to meet and get to know new people who are in the same phase of life that we are.

Moms to follow on Instagram | 100 Layer Cakelet

To start there’s us, of course! @100layercakelet. And @jilly100LC and @kristinahm and our ad manager @jessflagel, the resident moms over at the @100_layercake world headquarters. @juniaisabel is due to expect her first little girl in two months too!

Some of our other friends and favorites, in alpha order…


And surely there are loads more we’re forgetting! Do you have an instagram account? Other moms you love following? Who are we missing?! We want to hear.

Happy weekend!

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Social Love

AnnA on May 31, 2013


mercie on May 31, 2013

yay! such a great bunch of mamas! @mercieghimire

Emily Rolfing on May 31, 2013

Love following a lot of those mamas on Instagram. It's one of my favorite ways to keep up with friends and their kids! @emilyalder Emily Rolfing Could Be Interesting Blog

Michelle on May 31, 2013

I agree that it is so hard to find people on Instagram! I love it though! @builditbyhand

Joni on May 31, 2013

Love this list - I'm so excited y'all have a family blog now! And instagram is the best.:) @laybabylay

Mara Dawn on May 31, 2013

A few of my favorites are: @mrswhittaylor @ohkatieday @mamawatters @herwelshness @ohdeardrea

Keri-Anne on May 31, 2013

What a lovely group. I am a mama and i am on instagram @gingerlillytea xxx

Meg Pearson on May 31, 2013

@megdesigns AND @modernmaven !

Lillian on May 31, 2013

How oh how is @taza not on your list! Most poplular mom on the internet right there.

paige on Jun 1, 2013

@paigewinnphoto :)

Lovethynest on Jun 1, 2013

Yay! love finding inspiring mamas :) Recently came across @holdenonbaby and have always loved following @lovetaza :) Xoxo @lovethynest

Lovethynest on Jun 1, 2013

Oops meant @taza!

Katie on Jun 4, 2013

Some great suggestions here! @_goodhazel

Katie on Jun 4, 2013

And I also love @_hannajane ! Full disclosure--she's my sister and nanny but she takes some great photos both of my adorable kid and other fun things.

Jackie on Jun 5, 2013


Tammy Bilodeau on Jun 7, 2013

Oh I love looking at new Instagram feeds, Off to look these fab ladies up. @albertamamma :)

Abby Guido on Jun 21, 2013

@beijosvents cutest three kids! Dylan Ashley, Jett Jagger, and miss Edie Lola!!

Abby Guido on Jun 21, 2013

cutest three kids! Dylan Ashley, Jett Jagger, and miss Edie Lola!! @beijosevents sorry typo!!!

Carrie down on Mar 7, 2014

WhAt a great list!!! For the other mamas out there with big chunky baby boys.. @smalleydown

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