14 Mar

A Swan Lake Birthday for Brave

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Kimberly from We Call This Love sent over the sweetest sixth birthday party for little Brave, thrown by ultra creative mama of four little girls, Ruby. Such a cute theme for little girlies – Swan Lake.

They had a little craft session at the start of the party so each girl could make her own feather tiara. Fun!

Such a cute little blue ombre cake! Betting Ruby used neon food coloring… it’s the best.

And then after cake, the girls did a little performance for their parents lead by ballet teacher, Richelle.

What adorable little girlies. Happy Birthday, Brave!

Party resources:
Pitchers & cake stand: Anthropologie  / Items for crafts: Michael’s / Silver foil curtain: Party City / Ballet teacher: Richelle Jean / Everything else: handmade by Cakies

Photos by We Call This Love.

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  1. How cute it the theme of this gal’s 2nd bday party? So creative @cakiestweets and beautiful photos @wecallthis_love ! http://t.co/CXpGnpW4bb

  2. Cutest kids I’ve ever seen. http://t.co/l4O041jcmL thanks again for the feature @100LayerCakelet #swanlake

  3. Hi this party is amazing! How did you get the feathers to stay on the pipe cleaners? I’d love to do it for my daughters bday. . Thanks

  4. /Exactly what I was looking for! Some of these ideas are awesome, like the feather tiaras. My baby is only turning 1, but I think I can def. get inspiration from these posts. :D Thank you for sharing!

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