Avery’s sweet 2nd birthday

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Love the sweet, simple details Michelle came up with for her daughter Avery’s second birthday party. Make your own snack mix! Isn’t that the cutest idea ever? Perfect for at least the first 5 years of parties, if you ask us.

All photos by Michelle Sterling.

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(@100LayerCakelet) (@100LayerCakelet) on Mar 7, 2013

Best birthday party idea ever? Make your own snack mix! http://t.co/UbDxZC5cEK

Angelica Golden on Mar 7, 2013

Very cute and so simple.

GinoJum on May 4, 2013

I wonder that what i'm going to do with the birthday of my niece but because of this blog it help me a lot.Thanks for the blog...kids birthday parties nyc

melissa on Sep 9, 2013

Oh I bet the little ones had fun making their own mix with that table at just the right height for them.

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