28 Feb

Luca’s 7th birthday pizza party

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Love the simplicity and fun factor of this pizza-making party that Silvana DiFranco threw for her son Luca’s 7th birthday. Little bit of decor, a photo booth, yummy homemade food that all kids like… really it’s all you need.

She made the Geronimo-inspired balloons, the glitter name cake topper (using foam core and multi-color glitter), the photobooth backdrop…

So cute, right?!

Kids decorated their own aprons and then prepared their own pizzas.

Silvana bought pre-made dough from Whole Foods, which made the prep for the party a little more manageable.

And they cooked the pizzas in cast iron skillets on the BBQ. Genius!

Such a cute one. Happy Birthday Luca!

Party resources:
Giant balloons / Shutter shade glasses / Glitter top hats / Skinny candles
Photobooth: foil curtain, star garland, gold fringe, crepe streamers, polka dot streamers

All photography by Silvana DiFranco.

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  1. i love this! the cake topper, the photobooth, the balloons, the sweet little boy! it couldn’t be more perfect!!!!

  2. your AMAZING beautiful woman!!! simply magical images + i want a b-day party like that:))

  3. Thank you! @100LayerCakelet A pizza-making party from @silvanadifranco for her son Luca’s 7th birthday. http://t.co/c42Fi7GVIu

  4. absolutely love everything about this! what a lucky boy (and mama)! :)

  5. LOVE everything about this party / http://t.co/v3mOPK6p6q via @100layercakelet and @silvanadifranco

  6. What beautiful photographs! You really get a sense of being there and enjoying the creative food activity – what yummy looking sweets and foods! The colors are superb. And the bokeh in many of the shots add to the beauty. And with my birthday comíng up soon, a bounty of treats like your shots would be yummers! :-)

  7. What fun! Great ideas…I love the idea of cooking the pizzas on the skillets. And, as always, Silvana’s photographs are beautiful and tell the story so well. Thanks for sharing!

  8. How cute is that party? He’s, like, the coolest little 7-year old on the planet!

  9. Fantastic! Full of fun & DIY ideas for the kids :) Showing this to my sister for her son’s upcoming bday party! Great idea with the kids DIY apron

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