Valentine’s Day with Kids: Berry Ice Cream Sodas

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This yummy little project from Mimi Nicole Events would be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family. It’s a sweet treat that’s fun to make and eat, and it’s simple enough that even a toddler could be involved in the assembly. Or if you’d rather save this one for you and your partner, top with champagne after the kids are in bed.

Valentine's berry bubbly drinks

Valentine's berry bubbly drinks

Valentine's berry bubbly drinks

Valentine's berry bubbly drinks

Valentine's berry bubbly drinks

Valentine's berry bubbly drinks

The recipe:

1. Muddle a few raspberries with a bit of the ice cream until you have a thick paste

2. Start with a small bit of the mixture at the bottom of the flute

3. Next add a dollop of ice cream on top followed by a few raspberries

4. Continue in this order until you have just about filled up the glasses

5. Top the flute up with either champagne or a fizzy drink of your choice

6. And finally, finish it off with a stripy straw and cute name tag.

Valentines Smoothie

Project by Jillian Nicole of Mimi Nicole Events / Photos by Belle and Beau / Name tags c/o BerinMade

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Social Love

Ashley@Marriedlane on Feb 12, 2013

That looks delicious! I bet it would be amazing with strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and champagne!

Holly Fine Art Photo (@Belle_andBeau) on Feb 12, 2013

Loved shooting this! “@100LayerCake: We'll be making this yummy drink ...”

Jillian @ Mimi Nicole Events on Feb 12, 2013

Thank you so much for sharing our yummy, DIY! Hope you all have a lovely, Valentine's Day! xo

Ruche (@ShopRuche) on Feb 12, 2013

Perfect for celebrating with kids! RT @100layercake: We'll be making this yummy drink on Valentine's Day...

(@Belle_andBeau) (@Belle_andBeau) on Feb 14, 2013

How to make a yummy Berry Bubbly featured on @100LayerCake Perfect to make with your little ones :)

Rin on Feb 20, 2013

This is very similar to an Indonesian drink called "Soda Gembira" (translation: Happy Soda), which is a mix of ice cream, pink soda / fizzy lemonade, and sometimes condensed milk. Berry bubbly is a lovely name too, but I'd have to think Happy Soda is better ;).

Beloved Love Photography on Sep 28, 2014

Love love love this! Going to try it

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