30 Jan

DIY Babybel cheese people

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Super creative mama and photographer Caroline Tran put together this cute tutorial on making the DIY Babybel cheese people from her son Cameron’s colorful second birthday party. We figured more than a few of you would be all over this project for your kiddo’s party. They’re pretty darn adorable, aren’t they?

The only supplies you need are a little bag of Babybels, an X-acto knife, and a few black sesame seeds. But maybe buy a few extra cheeses so you have a chance to practice first.

1. With the tabs on the bottom, cut the shape of the hair. This is her “girl” hair, but be creative and try other shapes too. She cut the back just like the front – in case she messed one side up. Make sure you cut through the paper tab too, otherwise you’ll pull off the hair when you remove the wax over the face.

2. Pull the tabs up to loosen the red wax shell.

3. Carefully pull away the bottom half of the shell, and save that piece to make accessories.

4. Add eyes using sesame seeds.

Here’s a different version of hair that she used for her “boy” faces, but again you can get super creative!

And for boys, you can cut little mustaches or bow ties with the leftover wax. Awww.

If you have older kiddos, this might even be a fun project for them. Thanks Caroline!

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  1. I am loving this blog so far! With my first little one on the way in June, I love seeing what new products and ideas are out there. My one request/suggestion for the blog would be to focus on the boys a bit more. There are tons of companies and sites that focus on babies, but there tends to be a major focus on girls. It makes sense, it’s easier to ooh and aw over how cute girl things are, but we need a resource for the boys! Where to find great clothes, products and ideas to meet a variety of boy-geared tastes and styles. I think this is one opportunity you would have to really differentiate your blog and gain a huge audience (50% of new mommies!) as you start out.

  2. DIY tute on those adorable Babybel cheese people from @carolinetran . Such an easy little project! http://t.co/rS43MttY

  3. @Amber – You got it! Guess what? We have three little boys over here at the 100 Layer Cakelet world headquarters, so sharing our boy favorites and new finds won’t be a problem at all. Congratulations on your little bun!

  4. Babybel cheese people. http://t.co/st3IsmnX (via @presentcorrect)

  5. i don’t care if this was for a kids’ party — i’m gonna do it: http://t.co/OtEgbfj8 #funWithCheese

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  7. My first tutorial! RT @100LayerCakelet: DIY those adorable Babybel cheese people from @carolinetran . http://t.co/mBf2mn56

  8. I think these are cute: “Babybel cheese people” http://t.co/DcvXTnNM

  9. Great idea! I love it!



  10. stop it. this is adorable!

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