Ergobaby carrier giveaway!

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Those of you who are already mamas know that the Ergobaby carrier is THE must-have when it comes to wearing your baby. From birth through toddler-hood this is a serious workhorse in your parent arsenal, and the one thing you really really don’t want to leave home without. It’s comfy for you and for your baby, making it easy to spend the day close even while you’re doing things like running errands or prepping dinner. And a nice walk with the Ergo while your baby sleeps is one of the sweetest parts of early parenthood.

Those of you who are currently with child should most definitely add one to your registry, or just win a pair right here.

His & hers, hers & hers, his & his (however your family comes) – the winner gets to choose any two Ergos they like. There’s an Ergo for every personality, after all! We love the Christy Turlington designed Umba print Ergo that supports Every Mother Counts, and the new Urban Chic light weight carrier for dudes. Kristina and her hubby have both and they’ve been a big help in wrangling their two little boys when they’re out and about.

Fill out the form below to enter and we’ll email the winner on Friday. (Please note that this contest is open only to US residents.)

**UPDATE** Congrats to our winner Jamie J. who is expecting her daughter on February 12th! We know you’re going to love your new Ergos. And thanks so much to Ergobaby for hooking us up with a great giveaway!

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Social Love

Jennifer on Jan 29, 2013

I *love* Ergo carriers. They are just so comfy and versatile:) ~Jennifer

Ashley@Marriedlane on Jan 29, 2013

What a great giveaway! My sister has always used an ergo and loved it!

100layercake on Jan 29, 2013

@Jennifer - They're the absolute best! @Ashley - Your sis is totally right.

stephanie on Jan 29, 2013

thanks for the giveaway ... my husband and i just "test drove" a couple versions yesterday and are adding them to our registry (unless we win them first!)

Jenny on Jan 29, 2013

Yay!! We are about to have twins! This would be super helpful!

Cassandra Eastman on Jan 29, 2013

I would LOVE the new Urban Chic Lighweight Carrier, amazing!

Cassandra (@eastman520) on Jan 29, 2013

Ergobaby carrier giveaway! #undefined via @100layercake

Krissy W on Jan 29, 2013

Thanks for the giveaway, this carrier has been on my hit list for my little one due in May :).

andrea on Jan 29, 2013

This carrier has saved my back. With my oldest child, I was a baby wearer, and it literally weakened my already horrible back. I was worried this time around with my new baby I was going to have trouble. I purchased the Ergo and to my amazement. I can wear my baby in the carrier for a lot more time than any other carrier. Thank You! My only wish is that I purchased the sporty version, as I wear the ergo so much it would be nice to have a breathable fabric, cause we sweat lol..we are both hot bodies lol lol

Vanessa on Jan 29, 2013

Love the ergo

Sheila on Jan 29, 2013

Awesome giveaway! Due in July and would love a new Ergo for me and hubby!

melissa on Jan 29, 2013

i love ergo

lace on Jan 29, 2013

I've been wanting to try the Ergo ever since I first saw it.

Ergobaby (@Ergobaby) on Jan 29, 2013

Congrats @100layercakelet on your launch! We're happy to be involved! Love!

Gigi on Jan 30, 2013

Fun! I love Ergo!

Brenda S. on Jan 30, 2013

Awesome giveaway!!!!! Hope I win because LOVE ergobaby!!

sara on Jan 30, 2013

doing a very rare giveaway entry! ergo's worth it so my fingers are crossed! xx

Sarah on Jan 31, 2013

i have one of those on my registry! :) my friends have them and have great things to say about these carriers.

Adriana on Jan 31, 2013

got one with the first one and would love another for the second. hubby will need one too!

Jennifer K. C. on Jan 31, 2013

Found you thanks to Ergo! What a cool page! New fan right *here* :)

Jen on Jan 31, 2013

So excited about this give away! I've really been wanting one of these! I've been following your wedding blog for a while now (even though my wedding was 8 years ago!) And I am already loving this new family blog!

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